Our Aircraft

Wilderness Helicopters now has a Bell 204 and Astar 350B2!

Bell 206B Jet Ranger

Maximum Gross Weight: 3,350lbs
Empty Weight:  1,880lbs
Cargo Hook Capacity: 1,000lbs
Fuel Capacity: 96.7 Gal.
Endurance: 3.0 hrs
Speed (cruise): 100 knots
Max Range (nm): 300
Passenger Seats: 4

Airbus AS350B2

Maximum Gross Weight:4,961 lbs
Empty Weight: 2,987lbs
Cargo Hook Capacity:2,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 142 Gal.
Endurance: 2.8 hrs
Speed (cruise): 120 knots
Max Range (nm): 330
Passenger Seats: 5

Bell 204

Maximum Gross Weight: 8,500lbs
Empty Weight: 5,150lbs
Cargo Hook Capacity: 5,000lbs
Fuel Capacity: 224 Gal.
Endurance: 2.3 hrs
Speed (cruise): 100 knots
Max Range (nm): 230
Passenger Seats: 9

Helicopter Safety System & Proceedures 

Real Time Satellite Tracking Systems

We have installed real time GPS Satellite Tracking systems in each of our helicopters to increase our flight following capabilities.  The Latitude SkyNode system reports aircraft position, heading and speed every 2 minutes while the helicopter is flying.  This information is available in real time on a secured site on the internet.

Emergency Survival Equipment

Each machine carries a survival kit, axe and saw, 406 MHz ELT, fire extinguisher, flare kit, First aid kit, handheld and aircraft satellite telephones and passenger safety briefing cards.  Passengers are briefed on the use of all of these items before each flight.

Winter Operations

Wilderness Helicopters is a full-time year round operation.  Winter operations are carried out with the above mentioned equipment in addition to winter shelter survival equipment, a shovel and snowshoes. 


Operating in the shadow of the largest body of freshwater in North America does have special demands.  The weather in this area can change quickly.  Our pilots are trained to recognize the signs of incoming weather systems.  In addition, pilots are given comprehensive weather briefings from the nearest Flight Service Station prior to the flight. 

Wilderness will not jeopardize our passengers, personnel or our helicopters by challenging poor or deteriorating weather conditions.


Each aircraft is equipped with Garmin moving map GPS, dual VHF radios and High and Low Band FM for more efficient use of the helicopter.  We have also installed hard mounted satellite telephones in all of our helicopters.  Effective air to ground communication is a necessity at all jobsites.  Our handheld satellite phones are also available for client use on the jobsite.


With very experienced pilots, our machines have performed a wide variety of jobs and duties.  Odds are that we have done before what you want us to do now.  Explore our services page to find out more about what we can do for you.